So how do you store all that amazing summer produce? Here’s how.

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Lori's drying of garlic, wheat and corn Lori’s drying of garlic, wheat and corn

Food preservation is always key and central to our summertime gardening efforts.  As new urban and rural homesteaders soon come to realize, all our produce of a common kind mature at near the same time.  Clearly, the summer-long sweat of our brow isn’t worth a mere week or two of eating an over-abundant supply of fresh fruit or vegetables.  It’s simply too much in too short a window of time.  Food preservation comes roaring in, second in priority and right on the heels of gardening’s first priority, which is learning how to plant a garden in the first place.  I’d truly encourage others to do what I did which is to take a rather in-depth food preservation course.  I took a 30 hour certification class through Cornell University’s cooperative education extension office.  Fabulous class that was.  Once I realized that I didn’t just…

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