Not So Ordinary Time

There’s nothing ordinary about Ordinary Time.  Other denominations may know this time as Epiphanytide, but Catholics refer to it as Ordinary Time.  Although I know when it falls within the liturgical year, I wondered about the origin of its name. Temples per annum – time through the year; ordered time. We lose so much in … More Not So Ordinary Time

Thy Will Be Done

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit exalts in God my Saviour.” This past Sunday the church celebrated the feast of the Solemnity of Mary, the mother of Christ. It focuses on her “yes”, her trust, and her faithfulness. I was stuck on the words, Thy will be done. We take … More Thy Will Be Done


Explosive scattering kindness happening right NOW! 💕I am part of a challenge called the #5dollardash! 💗💕Not just today on #worldkindnessday but everyday! I have to: 1. Wear sunglasses. 😎 2. Anonymously give an encouraging ✉️card and $5 💵to someone. 3. Leave it at their front 🚪 door. Knock and dash! 👟 4. Record 📽the whole … More DID YOU SCATTER KINDNESS ON 🌎 KINDNESS DAY?

Purposely Embracing Life’s PRICKLY Moments

This blog post was inspired by the new book by Karen Ehman titled, Listen, Love, Repeat which releases on November 15, 2016 you can purchase a copy at Have you ever heard the expression ask God for patience and He will surely give you the opportunity for patience?  I have to laugh when I … More Purposely Embracing Life’s PRICKLY Moments