Wait…Just A Little Bit Longer

Today marks one week that I dropped my youngest child - my son - off at college. The week has been quiet, with lots of time for thinking.  I've done my best to avoid the conversations that started "So, how'd he make out?" , "What's it feel like?" and "Are you done crying?".  I know … Continue reading Wait…Just A Little Bit Longer

A Creative “Twist” For Lent

Passing down customs and traditions of our faith, to our children, can be a lot of fun with a little creativity. When my kids were small, it was a bit of a challenge explaining to them “why” certain foods were off limits. Lent offers a great opportunity to explain the significance of penance, fasting, and … Continue reading A Creative “Twist” For Lent

Shut Up And Take Your Blessing

It appears that I ticked off everyone as they left the house today. In an effort to offer some simple reminders, I apparently crossed into the “NAG ZONE”. I found myself, with each attempt, tightening my shoulders – just waiting to pounce. My mind began to rant – What are they getting annoyed at me … Continue reading Shut Up And Take Your Blessing

A Mother’s Blessing

                  Motherhood was my choice of careers.  When I was in my early 20's my life was taking a different turn.  I had gone to college and looked forward to suits and skirts, grown up responsibilities, and a deep respect for what I brought to the table.  … Continue reading A Mother’s Blessing

Is Being A Wife And Mother ENOUGH?

If there is one picture of the Madonna that resonates with me, it is this one, the Polish Madonna.  I saw this picture for the first time when my children were very small and I was captivated by it.  I guess I had always thought of the Blessed Mother as the Queen of Heaven  - … Continue reading Is Being A Wife And Mother ENOUGH?

Tagless Undergarments – and Happiness.

Happy Face

Sometimes I really have to laugh at myself and where my thoughts bring me.  Today as I was folding the laundry, I was turning some undergarments inside out and began to look for where the "tag" was.  I then noticed the stamped marking that has now replaced the old fashioned piece of material that used … Continue reading Tagless Undergarments – and Happiness.

Just The Two Of Us

One by one the college fliers started to arrive in the mail.  With great anticipation, my son runs and grabs them from my hand.  I show little interest at first. I know if I do, I'll have to admit that he too will be growing up and away all too soon. My mind drifts back … Continue reading Just The Two Of Us

Happy Grandparent’s Day

I found this story many year's ago and thought is was a great reminder of the wisdom we glean from our grandparents. Too often we forget that as their bodies and minds weaken, they've traveled this road longer than we have and there is much we can learn from their wisdom and experiences. Wishing all … Continue reading Happy Grandparent’s Day

Back to School: Lessons, And Tests, And Life…..oh my!

One by one, the alarms went off, and one by one the door opened and closed.  With each creak of the front door, the hustle and bustle in the house settled and there it was - the start of another school year - the start of a more structured schedule. Those first few moments, of … Continue reading Back to School: Lessons, And Tests, And Life…..oh my!

A Farmer’s Life For Me…

While the gang watched the Super Bowl last night, I amused myself with a stack of reading materials.  My eyes would look up when the commercials came on and although not impressed with most of them, I did find two very heartwarming.  The Clydesdale Budweiser commercial brought a tear to my eye, but the Dodge … Continue reading A Farmer’s Life For Me…