Explosive scattering kindness happening right NOW! 💕I am part of a challenge called the #5dollardash! 💗💕Not just today on #worldkindnessday but everyday! I have to: 1. Wear sunglasses. 😎 2. Anonymously give an encouraging ✉️card and $5 💵to someone. 3. Leave it at their front 🚪 door. Knock and dash! 👟 4. Record 📽the whole … Continue reading DID YOU SCATTER KINDNESS ON 🌎 KINDNESS DAY?

Sugar on Snow – Winter’s Sweet Treat

A favorite tradition here in the Hudson Valley and throughout New York State is our Maple Sugar Festivals. Sugar houses open their doors and show the public how maple syrup is collected and made, as well as tasting the assortment of treats made with the sweet stuff. March 19-20 is the official Maple Sugar Weekend … Continue reading Sugar on Snow – Winter’s Sweet Treat

I Cannot Tell A Lie

Happy President’s Day! This famous line comes from one of our founding forefathers – George Washington. Not sure this is a motto our modern day candidates resonate with, but this post isn’t about politics, so let’s leave that one alone! I cannot tell a lie – I have been loving this very mild winter we’ve … Continue reading I Cannot Tell A Lie

Valley Adventure – The Stonecrop Gardens

 Yesterday, we spent a wonderful afternoon in yet another Hudson Valley gem - the Stonecrop Gardens; one of my 2015 Summer Bucket list items - exploring secret gardens. Stonecrop was the home of Anne & Frank Cabot and became a public garden in 1992.  It is located in the Mid-Hudson valley region, in the town … Continue reading Valley Adventure – The Stonecrop Gardens

Spring Is For Strawberries

Have you been pickin' yet?  Strawberries have a short season here in the Hudson Valley, so we're in the final weeks where you can pick-your-own or find a roadside farmer's markets to gather these sweet red beauties.  Last year I missed out, so this year my daughter and I, during our birthday week road trip, … Continue reading Spring Is For Strawberries

Country Living In The Hudson Valley

 This past weekend, my girls and I took to the back roads of the Hudson Valley to attend the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, N.Y. This was our first time at this event and my only regret is that I didn't buy the three day pass.  What a relaxing day, filled with shabby chic vendors, … Continue reading Country Living In The Hudson Valley

Maple Sugaring in the Hudson Valley

The Dutchess County Parks Department is holding a Pancake Breakfast (9:30am-12pm) /Maple Open House (12pm-4pm) on March 22, 2015 at: Bowdoin Park 5 Eagle Lane Poughkeepsie, NY 12590 Pavillion 5 The Pancake Breakfast will be from 9:30am to 12pm - Cost will be $5.00 per person/Children 6 and under are free!  Download the event flyer (.pdf) … Continue reading Maple Sugaring in the Hudson Valley

Boscobel House and Gardens

Boscobel River View

This weekend, my kids and I took a trip to Cold Spring, NY to attend a local Farmer's Market (one of my favorite summer pastimes).  The Cold Spring Farmer's Market is located on the grounds of the Boscobel House and Gardens from May-November. Historic Boscobel sits on the banks of the Hudson River, and is … Continue reading Boscobel House and Gardens

Cold Spring Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite things to do here in the Hudson Valley is to shop the Farmer's Markets.  There are so many to choose from and each has something unique to offer.  Although you can find a Farmer's Market almost any day of the week, I generally choose the weekends so I can go with … Continue reading Cold Spring Farmer’s Market

Exploring the Hudson Valley

Have you ever found yourself saying "It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.", after spending some time away on vacation? I can remember being in awe of the beautiful mountains I saw while traveling in Switzerland last year, but remarking to my husband that "home" has some pretty beautiful … Continue reading Exploring the Hudson Valley