About Gardener’s Touch

Hi, I’m Linda – welcome to my garden on the web.  I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York state.  I am married and have four beautiful children. It has been my ultimate joy to raise them.  As I reflect on my life experiences, it occurred to me how much I learned from my passion for the outdoors.  Its simplicity is where I find solace and peace; it is where I think, where I forgive, where I challenge myself and where I find inspiration to make my world a more beautiful place.  That is where the name “Gardener’s Touch” comes from.

In my Christian walk, I seek to grow in faith through the simple and ordinary things in life and share those with others to inspire and motivate them on their path. Just as in gardening, I’m sure this process will allow me to grow in ways I can’t even imagine. I have learned that sharing experiences offers encouragement and strength for the journey. My opinions are one of many, but authentically mine for my life’s path.  I encourage your comments, as your gifts can strengthen my weaknesses and I hope my gifts can strengthen yours.